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September 17, 2019

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Discover Proven Strategies to Transform Your Financial Portfolio and Begin Building a More Secure, and Prosperous Future

Financial Planning

There are many families that have historically viewed financial planning as out of reach and only for the affluent. Financial planning is for everyone. Financial planning offers the guidance of experienced professionals to transform your financial goals into sound financial strategies for providing asset protection, growth and wealth.


With advances in healthcare, people are living longer. A longer life also means that you will need to consider how much retirement funds will be required to maintain your lifestyle or plan for retirement goals. Remaining in the workforce indefinitely is not an option. Careful retirement planning is essential. At Excelon Financial, we have retirement options to present that will help you reach your retirement needs and goals with minimal risk and tremendous upside potential.

Long Term Care

Long term care insurance is a product that helps pay the exceedingly high cost of long term care. This form of insurance covers the financial impact all while giving you a range of options and programs available, including nursery homes, skilled care, assisted care and long-term care insurance options.

What we Offer

We offer a personal approach to financial planning. We are here to not only serve the top 1% of our population but also the individuals, families and businesses that are not in that category of affluence. You are not a statistic at Excelon Financial. You are people with dreams and goals. We are here to help you reach them.
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About Us

We are a full service financial firm based in Los Angeles, Ca. We work with A+ rated providers to offer the best plans and the safety and security of established companies. Our mission is to serve individuals, families and businesses that have a need for financial guidance and planning with attention paid to cost and time. We value our clients as people with dreams and goals. We want to help you reach them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to have a high net worth to hire a financial advisor?

Do you have to have a high net worth to hire a financial advisor?

Do you offer individually tailored financial plans ?

We are a full service financial firm that works with the best A+ rated providers . We can work with a variety of budgets to build a portfolio to meet the needs of each individual, family and business.

Do you have to be a financially savvy consumer to sit with a financial advisor?

We work with many that are not familiar with many financial concepts but are open to becoming more educated about them. It is our mission to educate, empower and provide guidance so that you can attain the financial freedom that you deserve.

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