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Providing a Wealth Building Blueprint for a Future You Truly Deserve

June 26, 2019

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We work with some of the largest publicly traded companies to offer a variety of options that suit different clients and their specific needs. Prudential, ING, Transamerica, Nationwide, Pacific Life and Fidelity are some of the A+ rated companies which we pride ourselves on partnering with. Some of our main services include the following.

Asset Protection

We review, monitor, trade and manage your assets. Thanks to our knowledge of the markets and our experience in investment risk abatement, we select the proper investment vehicles in light of current market conditions. We provide objective advice on investments that is focused to your specific needs and goals and covers your best interests.

College Savings Plans/College Funds/529 Plans

Your kids deserve the best education – and it is up to you to picture these better days when they get accepted to their dream college. However, what’s also up to you is to start preparing and start saving for college today. Our all-in-one planning and investing solution covers 529 college plans, and all of the savings options which let you pay for qualified higher educational expenses (tuition, room and board, books etc.).

Life Insurance

Life insurance is something that you need to consider in order to make sure that your family is protected even if the worst thing happens to you. We will help you assess your need for life insurance coverage, taking into consideration your specific concerns and replacement income needs for survivors who depend on you the most. This can be a daunting task. Be assured that we will walk you through your options step by step.


With advances in healthcare, people are living longer. A longer life also means that you will need to consider how much retirement funds will be required to maintain your lifestyle or plan for retirement goals. Remaining in the workforce indefinitely is not an option. Careful retirement planning is essential. At Excelon Financial, we have retirement options to present that will help you reach your retirement needs and goals with minimal risk and tremendous upside potential.


Creating a more secure retirement with protected income is the main goal of annuities. With us, you can learn how an annuity can help you transition into retirement in the best way possible, receiving all the information and tools to get started.

Mutual Fund/Stock Investments

Mutual funds are seen as a two-for-one option. They get you a single product with built-in diversification and allow you to combine a handful of investments versus a list of stocks to keep track of. With Excelon Financial, we will help you select the best mutual fund and stock investments options and see what’s right for you.

Long Term Care

Long term care insurance is a product that helps pay the exceedingly high cost of long term care. This form of insurance covers the financial impact all while giving you a range of options and programs available, including nursery homes, skilled care, assisted care and long-term care insurance options.


Exchange-traded products are similar to mutual funds in that they’re made up of a basket of securities.